Parrot talk…for laughs!

By on October 18, 2017, in Miscellaneous

A retired sergeant major inherited a talking parrot from a  recently departed relative who had run a busy dockside pub. For the first  few days in his new home the normally talkative parrot was distinctly shy.   The old major, despite his stern and disciplined ways, felt  sorry for the bird, and gently encouraged it with soft words and pieces of  fruit. After a week or so the parrot began to find its voice – a little at  first – and then more so. Responding to the kind treatment, the parrot’s  vocabulary continued to recover, including particularly the many colorful  expressions it had been taught in the dockside pub. The old sergeant major began to be quite irritated by the  parrot’s incessant rudeness, and after a few more days of worsening  profanities, decided action was required to bring the bird under control.  The sergeant major tried at first to incentives the parrot with the  promise of reward for good behavior, but to no avail. He next tried to  teach the bird a lesson by withdrawing its privileges, again to no avail;  the parrot remained stubbornly rude. Finally the old major flipped into battleground management  mode; he grabbed the bird, clamped his hands around its beak, and thrust  the struggling, swearing parrot, into the top drawer of the freezer,  slamming the door tightly shut. The swearing and struggling noises  continued inside the freezer for a few seconds and then abruptly stopped.   The sergeant major listened for a while and then, concerned  that the parrot’s shock might have been terminal, carefully opened the  freezer door and opened the drawer to look. The parrot slowly clambered  out of the drawer and perched on its edge. “I must apologize for my rude and disrespectful behavior,”  said the parrot, “I promise never to use bad language again. And by the  way, what did the turkey do?” 



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