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             Funny emails, hilarious forwards and interesting email attachments. is a site which has been born out of love and nice thoughts. It is a collection of interesting and funny emails, forwards and  funny email attachments that we have received over many months from family, friends, well-wishers and the internet. A strict filtering process ensures that you receive only what adds value to your life in terms of knowledge, information, wisdom, inspiration, beauty and humour.
             You will find some of them funny and some just pure fun or pleasing to the eyes. Please feel free to send, forward and share your attachments with us and the ones you like on this site, with your friends. This is a fun site with the sole purpose of spreading happiness through sharing and giving. If at any stage, you find that any inappropriate or malicious content has got displayed inadvertently, please do bring it to our notice and it shall be removed promptly.
           We would love to receive your comments and suggestions. We are very sure that you will always find something interesting and worthy of sharing whenever you visit our treasure house of email attachments. Have a good time and enjoy being on the site as much as we have enjoyed putting it together!
        No hate, no racism, no negativity and nothing malicious please!! Only love,friendship, happiness and positivity!!
        –Mailman & team


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One of the best sites on the net! Clean and good fun!

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